KAH Rachel

Painter, Sculptor


Rachel Kah mainly works with sand as well as with raw materials such as concrete, zinc, steel, rust and ash. She has always preferred to work with materials that are living, restrictive, powerful, brutal, that bear the signs of their former lives, in which she sees only the grace and delicateness of the touch of time.

The artist creates abstract works that are simultaneously coarse and airy with little colour. Seeking balance between marks, scars and impressions. Capturing a tame violence.

She tends to sketch perfection in a transient and intangible state that is nonetheless bound to perpetual incompletion. The intention to move is imperative. Materials are brought together roughly. Marks interfere. A fleeting moment freezes.

She also gives life or rather intent to sculptures that are threadlike, graceful, imperfect and ethereal.

Her mind sees, but knows nothing. Her body knows – or thinks it knows – and her hands become its tool, almost in spite of her. She sculpts the wounds and secret vulnerability of beings, obsessively, incessantly, hopelessly creating “the lonely man” between her fingers.

Career Highlights

October 2019
“Art exhibition”, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

March-June 2020
Adequat Interiors – interior design shop, Orbe, Switzerland

March-September 2020
“Collective exhibition”, Galerie Rossocinabro, Roma, Italy

October 2020
“Solo exhibition”, Atelier Grabe 10, Grandvaux, Switzerland

December 2020
“Korean-French International Contemporary Art Collective Exhibition”, Insa art Plaza Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


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