Nurse involved in various health processes, working for years in Switzerland and Germany, living in France. Her long professional experience goes in many directions of health where body, mind and soul are integrated. She dedicated most of her life to sick people. It remains for her the most beautiful vocation. She says that the experience gained through it result in an inner richness and that much of what goes on outside becomes secondary. 

Painting is the most beautiful creative activity for her. She believes it inspires the soul and frees it. She says :”I use every free minute for this wonderful resource. The simple glow of a colour can touch you so deeply and evoke true feelings of happiness. Let yourself be inspired – dive in and become freer”.

Career Highlights

December 2020
“Korean-French International Contemporary Art Collective Exhibition”, Insa art Plaza Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

August 2020
“The Art Festival”, Swiss Art Expo, Zurich, Switzerland

March 2020
“The Artbox Projects”, Barcelona, Spain

Janvier-Février 2020
Gallery Beauté du Matin Calme, Paris

December 2019
“The Artbox Projects”, Miami

Distinction – 2020 :
“Art Prize”, Luxembourg


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