Abstraction XVIII

64 × 54 cm


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Dimensions 64 × 54 cm

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Dominique Rousseau, is a French national born in Paris on March 16, 1957 and married on June 13, 2015. Dominique finished his Baccalaureate and speaks French, Spanish and English. Dominique worked as a skilled craftsman in metallurgy from 1978 to 1991. From 1991 till date he has been successful in running his own enterprise with reputed clientele in France and Spain. Since 2009 he has expanded his business interest in India in Electronics, websites etc., Dominique has an inborn talent of Art and Sculpture which was probably discovered when he started off by designing Sculptures from 1990-1999. His transition from Sculptures to Canvas Painting began in 2000. He is a self taught artist who first focused on understanding the history and evolution of Art, the Artists and its influences. Slowly progressed to studying the basic techniques of painting like colour mixing proportions, the layers and preservations. Then on it was all about trails and practice. Dominique has his own unique concepts using Geometry/Mathematic combined with modern art. He brings uniqueness with a focal point on concepts on Life – before, existence, transitions and after. His extraordinary skill of exuberant striking colour coordinates makes his art even more intriguing. Dominique loves the rhythm and feel of the Spanish classical guitar and plays and practices when time permits. He has keen interest in knowing more and more about Math and its wonders so much so it seems to translate into art.

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