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Dimensions 40 × 80 cm





Acrylic paint



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I would divide the composition of my paintings in two different parts. First of all, for the content, my creations are the result of my feelings meeting the canvas. They are aroused by the books I read, the movies I watch, the music I listen to, my walks through the countryside, in the urban city streets and in my dreams. Then, regarding the style, my paintings are the illustration of my different moods at different moments. That is the reason my technic and manner are constantly changing along the subject matter. In my opinion, the most important things is to give meaning to my work. When Van Gogh was talking to his brother Theo through letters, he was saying something like this : 'The difference between God and Humans is that humans give meaning to their creations.' I have made this thought the center of my work. Moreover, I have been lucky to meet amazing people, such as Roger Peulvey, sculptor emeritus, with whom I had the pleasure to work on shared pieces of art. Important common projects have been created on different topics like current events, illustrating poems from famous authors as Lamartine, movies, books, ... My main goal is to engage the imagination of visitors, their anger and joys, all the emotions and reactions from those who will do me the honour of paying attention to my modest work… invite them to stroll around, wander around in my world… generate reactions, debate… anything but indifference.

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