Boh Sanh Khan

92 × 73 cm


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Dimensions 92 × 73 cm
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Acrylic paint



{ A word on

Thierry Ferrand : "My attraction to art must have come from my ancestors, some of whom were painters in the early 20th century. I have always wanted to explore these mixtures of colours and the difficulty of creating a beautiful work." Thierry Ferrand likes to give free rein to his imagination and to let go. Faced with a white canvas, his pleasure is to create contrasts, sweetnesses, encounters, shocks of light and colour. Colours speak to him. They call out to him as the work progresses. They claim harmony, space, emptiness according to his words. He improvises an adventure with the white canvas. He imposes his ideas, his moods, his experience as well. He knows what works and what only creates unsuitable imbalances. Thierry Ferrand superimposes colours to create depth, light. He also likes to create reliefs to reinforce shapes in total freedom. The freedom of the abstract painter who starts from nothing, from a white canvas, without a model, draws from inspiration, emotion, matter, colour... His goal is to give a life, a soul to a painting. Thierry Ferrand likes to exchange on his work. The testimonies of those who live near his paintings help him to advance on this path where art brings happiness, the pleasure of the glance and the vibrations of the felt emotions. The breath, the life, which he transmits to the canvas, spreads an original energy which, he hopes, will envelop the spectator.

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