The flight

61 × 50 cm


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Dimensions 61 × 50 cm





Acrylic paint



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Dominique Meunier's life is a story of resilience through painting. After a serious accident 20 years ago, that turned his life upside down, he devotes himself entirely to creation through a deep and broad practice, covering various methods and materials that promote variety and freedom of his style. A soul of silence between the impermanence of the living and eternity, between self and infinity, he lives from landscapes and, on a path turned towards the essential, he aspires to a spirituality, to a harmony of man's relationship with nature, seeking to capture the sensitive beyond appearances, questioning, through a poetics of passage and silence, the possibilities of the representation of what seems to be at stake: the unity of man and the cosmos, the unity of man and meaning, the interdependence of phenomena. He links spirituality and aesthetics, where the impermanent and the fleeting prevail over reality. His permanent research has been recognized in several art galleries and art fairs, in France and abroad. Member of the International Association of Visual Artists (IAVA – under the aegis of UNESCO), The House of Artists (France), The Taylor Foundation, The Circle Foundation for the Art, Academician of the Association Mondial Art Academia.

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