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At nightfall, rain transforms everything that shines, creating a halo around every source of light: streetlights are surrounded by orange petals, white headlights appear in ghostly form, taillights spread out in red spots. Only the pillars surmounted by their golden statues keep their integrity. (Paris, pont Alexander III)

Dimensions 75 × 50 cm





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Born in 1958 in Byblos, Robert Bared has lived in Paris since 1975. Though he feels deeply tender towards the city where his life began, he has a passion for the one which, for forty years now, has never failed to impress his eyes, spirit and heart.

He attended university at the Sorbonne, studying classic and modern literature, history, philosophy, aesthetics, art history. His doctoral thesis on La Fontaine led to the publication of a study on that author (La Fontaine, 1995).

Working as rewriter and editor, and managing editorial projects, all led him to collaborate with photographers, then to make photographic documentaires himself, including portraits of authors (Opale Agency), and to produce the covers of musical scores (Symétrie Editions).

Over the last fifteen years, he has devoted most of his time to both photography and writing, centering his attention on the artistic image, its status and power. On the one hand, he published several literary works on art, especially painting : La Peinture représentée (with Natacha Pernac, 2013), Le Livre dans la peinture (2015), L'art et le nombre (2021). On the other, he pursues his photographic quest focusing on urban scenes.

He was fortunate to perfect his technique and train his eye and critical acumen at the Paris-Val de Bièvre Photo Club. As for his first exhibits, dating from 2011, he owes them to Irma Toudijan, Artistic Director at Suoni e Pause (Cagliari, Italy), who set into motion a dynamic that only grew stronger with time.

After the success of his photographs of "Rain Painting" presented by Chris Boïcos Fine Arts as part of the exhibition "Paris Fragments" (2018), he renewed the experience with the same curator in April 2019 in a solo exhibition entitled "L'Allumeur de réverbères" ('The Lamplighter") : Daytime Parisian streetlights illuminated solely by the sun. Then, in October 2019, he exhibited at the "Salon d'automne" on the Champs-Elysées.

In December 2020, Robert Bared was selected, among 14 Street photographers from around the world, by DOCU Magazine for the publication of their 1st 2021 issue.

In April and May 2021, he will collaborate wih the "Beauté du Matin Calme" Gallery, directed by Myeong-Hee Kim : exhibitions in Seoul (Insa Art Plaza) and Tokyo (Metropolitan Art Museum).

"My taste is for an aesthetic of beauty - a sensitive beauty, neither impersonal nor futile. The ideal of harmony distances me from a reality that would otherwise be too raw or too neuralgic, as well as from any purely intellectual exercise. And, all things considered, I believe that hedonism does not contradict my penchant for a meditative life."

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