Chantal Lembege is a versatile visual artist. She works oil paintings, charcoal, drawing. One of her favourite period is impressionism. Her characteristics are sensitivity and symbolism within realism. She was born in Paris (France). She studied History of Arts.

Chantal LEMBEGE has been painting since she was 13 years old. Quickly, she won national awards. Her first participation in international exhibitions took place when she was 20. She has participated in many exhibitions in France, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Korea, Japan, USA and Germany. She was published in many art books, art magazines and more. She has got international prizes and awards. As it is explained in critics, she plays with a diversity of the works displayed. She doesn’t wish to limit herself to one technique. That is important for her is to be able to express her sensitivity using all the methods of Art she practises. Some comments :”luminosity, sensitive poetry and vibrant pictures of nature. Serene atmosphere. Her expression is powerful and her colours suggestive, warm…”.

Career Highlights

Exhibitions :

February 2019
“Salon des Artistes Indépendants”, Grand Palais, Paris

August 2019
“The 33rd International Artavita Contest”, Miami, USA

November 2019
“Artavita – Artexpo New York Contest” show, New York

February 2020
“Salon des Indépendants”, Grand Palais, Paris

December 2020
“Korean-French International Contemporary Art Collective Exhibition”, Insa art Plaza Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

Distinctions :

August 2019
Finalist for the 33rd International Artavita Contest, Miami, USA

November 2019
“Award of Excellence” from the Artavita-Artexpo New York Contest

February 2021
Finalist for the Artavita-Artexpo New York Contest


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